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 a thoughtfully crafted blend of THERAPEUTIC salts | hemp derived water soluble PHYTOCANNABINOIds | harmonized with unique essential oil blends



Our soaks

Hemp lies at the core of our innovation. However, not all hemp is created equal. Instead of using either isolated CBD or cannabis oil, which are the most popular cannabis-derived products on the market right now, we have infused our soaks with a water-soluble, broad spectrum, hemp-derived, phytocannabinoid-rich powder.

Our Roots

For us, it has always been one simple rule: Making a profession out of your passion. This rule is at the core of what Unplugged Float really is: A company born out of our love and enthusiasm for floating. Our dedication to Flotation Therapy and to its virtually limitless potential to nurture and cure both the body and the mind has driven our  research and testing of a completely new approach to the traditional Epsom salt bath.