Recovery techniques for Runners

The Best Recovery Techniques for Runners!


When your feet have been pounding pavement all day there are few things better than getting home and putting those poor soles up. Whether it be propped on a footstool or simply on the coffee table – we all love to relax after a hard workout. But what are the best recovery techniques for runners? What methods can you use to speed up and aid the recovery process in a safe and natural way? We have the answers, and some of them lie in an Epsom Salt Bath.


The best Techniques to speed recovery


Some of the best techniques to boost a runner's recovery are tried and tested methods passed down through the generations; and they still work nowadays. Things like Epsom Salt Baths for runners, compressing the muscles to minimize strain and stretching out any tightened muscles are as relevant now as they were fifty years ago. Let's look at some of them in detail and find out the best ones for you.




Massage is an ancient technique that predates recorded history and is thought to have originated in the far East. It should be used after exercise and cool down is complete, and involves you having to be mostly naked and letting a trained professional rub your body. It is a pleasant, relaxing feeling that is proven to reduce muscles stress and tension, free up movement and even realign out of place tissues. A professional runner ought to get massaged as an incorporated part of their routine.


Tight Clothing


We don't just mean tight; we mean 'toning' tops and bottoms that help shape you as you wear it. Clothes that constrict your muscles minimize the risk of swelling and therefore prevent aches and pains from developing later on. You should use it after you exercise but not while you sleep, as constricting the blood flow to the extremities while you are out cold can be physically dangerous. We all know how supported a muscle feels when we wear a sprain bandage... Compression clothing is just this concept expanded.


Epsom Salt Baths for Runners


An Epsom salt bath for runners is considered to be one of the best recovery techniques since it helps the body to absorb magnesium. The body needs this mineral to create new tissue, and when you work out your body needs a lot of it to continually grow more DNA. Epsom salt  baths for runners help the body to soak it up... and also leaves your skin silky smooth in the process. The health benefits are numerous – from the relaxing properties found through massage to the protection given by tight clothing – the Epsom salt bath has the most effect... whether you are brave enough to get into a cold one or not!


Unplugged Essentials


Here at Unplugged Essentials we like to produce premium quality bath wares for affordable prices, that perfectly compliment your exercise routine and inject some much needed magnesium into your blood stream without you having to take any supplements. We think all athletes should know that Epsom Salt Baths provide a brilliant source of minerals that our bodies soak up like giant sponges. The more Magnesium the more material your body has to produce new cells. Thus, we provide only the most premium of essential oil and Epsom Salt blends designed to keep you in peak physical form.


Head on over and try out an Epsom Salt Bath for runners courtesy of Unplugged Essentials. When it comes to speeding recovery times we are on the top of our game.