Shower or Bath? Whats better for muscle recovery after exercise

The benefits of Bathing after Exercise


Modern life is increasingly busy, stressful and can be difficult to cope with at times. Foregoing the fact that bathing is a relaxing process, there are actually numerous other health benefits that occur when you take regular hot soaks in the tub – and one of the best things you can do to reward your exhausted body is to take a bath after exercise.


But...Why take a bath not a shower?


Taking a bath after exercise is a relieving process within itself, but should you choose to add a few key ingredients to the water you will find yourself noticing immense changes... besides having a pleasurable post-gym experience!


Let's look at the bathing process as if it were part of the exercise routine itself. If you are doing any kind of heavy exercise you start with a slow warm up and build the intensity until you reach peak performance. After that you start to cool down. Now; stepping from a warm gym into a cool dressing room without doing anything to cool down in between can cause muscles to spasm and tighten, becoming painful for the following few days.


Having a bath is the perfect way to transition from warm to cool naturally without risking any muscle spasms.


Maximize the benefits with Essential Oils or Epsom Salts!


The benefits of Epsom salt baths for athletes are plentiful. Primarily, Epsom Salt baths will help your magnesium absorption rates due to Magnesium and Sulfate Ions presence in the water, it will soften and relax any tightly bound muscles, will draw toxins out of the skin and is a recommended recovery source for athletes, according to Healthline.


The powers of Epsom Salts are particularly useful to bodybuilding or power-lifting recovery. The reasons for this? Depending upon where you are in your supplement cycles you are going to need more or less Magnesium in your system to help speed or slow the production of lactic acid, an essential compound of muscle makeup. Magnesium deficiency is actually fairly common in athletes since they use more of it than the rest of us. Because they use more they need more; and so bathing in Epsom Salts after your workout can have that double benefit.


Essential Oils present many healing benefits of their own, so a few drops while your muscles untangle themselves in a hot bath can do wonders for you. Lavender, the best known of the 'healing herbs', helps the body to physically heal damage faster; while Peppermint oil cools a fever and Almond oil soothes and moisturizes those tired muscles. You can receive a whole heap of benefits from Essential Oils, and there are so many to choose from with so many varied effects that the world of aromatherapy takes a lifetime to fully master.


Luckily for you, Unplugged Essentials have already gone to the effort of researching all of the best elements to bring together to make a hot soak in a warm bath an essential part of the recovery routine. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and try it for yourself today.