What makes our Unplugged Essentials™ soaks so unique?

Hemp is at the core of our innovation. However, not all hemp is created equal. Instead of using either isolated CBD or cannabis oil, which are the most popular cannabis-derived products on the market right now, we have infused our soaks with a water-soluble |  hemp-derived | phytocannabinoid-rich powder. This way, we make sure that our products take advantage of the several hundred bio active components present in hemp. What’s more, to make no compromise in quality whatsoever, we ensure each batch is  Lab tested, 100% THC-Free and we source our raw materials from hemp grown and processed exclusively in Colorado, USA.

Currently consisting of 4 products, our line of soak blends caters for every need. If you wish to try the original hemp soak on its own, or you want to blend it with your own essential oil mix, or you are simply not interested in essential oils and aromas, then our signature product, the Pawn Soak, awaits you.

On the other hand, for those with specific requirements in terms of focus, muscle relaxation and recovery, stress release and blood flow, we have 3 special blends that incorporate a proprietary mix of essential oils that synergistic ally work together to amplify the benefits : The Knight, Queen, and King soaks.