Our Story


How it all started

For us, it has always been one simple rule: Making a profession out of your passion. This rule is at the core of what Unplugged Essentials really is: A company born out of our love and enthusiasm for floating. Our dedication to Flotation Therapy and to its virtually limitless potential to nurture and heal both the body and the mind has driven our research and testing of a completely new approach to the traditional Epsom salt bath

Our goal wasn’t to enter and capitalize on the boom of the CBD market, but to make an amazing bath experience reminiscent of the physical benefits of Floating. Through our research however, hemp was the perfect ingredient to tie it all together.
— Kevin Rose Jr , Ceo Unplugged Essentials


Our idea is simple, yet groundbreaking. We wanted to give our customers a way to take a piece of their float home with them, without it losing any of its landmark properties. Better yet, we took advantage of synergy in order to strengthen the experience even more. Thus, we took the zero-gravity environment simulated by the Epsom salt bath and reinforced its inherent relaxation properties by adding a new ingredient to our very-own mineral salt recipes. An ingredient really powerful but at the same time 100% natural and risk-free.

Hence, Unplugged Essentials™ Hemp Soaks were born. Three unique blends of mineral salts, hemp-derived cannabinoids, along with carefully selected essential oils for an added effect on-demand. As passion usually leads to a fixation with perfection, we left nothing to luck.  We are currently one of the only companies that use water-soluble hemp powder (WSP) as a basis for our soak instead of the usual isolated CBD or oil you’ll mostly find on the market. Plus, we only source hemp that has been grown and processed exclusively in the USA (Colorado to be exact), as an extra commitment to quality without compromise. All of our soaks are 100% THC-Free, Organically Grown Hemp, Non- GMO and each batch of our Water- Soluble Hemp Extracts are Lab Tested to ensure quality, consistency and potency.

Whether you opt for our Original, Recovery or Detox soak blends, you can now enjoy the benefits of the synergistic bliss naturally, right at home.